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Roofing Solutions

Bruggeman Builders prides itself in constructing top quality roofing systems. From routine repairs to full tear off and replacements, we have you covered. Our fully trained experts professionally install many types roofing systems including architectural shingles, metal, and cedar shakes. A new roof will undoubtedly add curb appeal, energy efficiency, and increase resale value to your home.

Whether it’s a roof replacement, roof repair, remodel, or a brand new build, each project is rigorously inspected daily, for strength, durability and beauty. Maintaining your existing roof system is one of the best ways to protect your home from major problems. Sometimes the warning signs of a failing roof are obvious. Missing shingles, excessive granular loss, curling shingles and water stains inside the house are some of the more common roofing problems. Unfortunately, all roofing problems are not as easy to detect and can lead to major damages inside the home. A professional evaluation from one of our trained roofing specialists can help keep your home and family protected.

We use products created by these trusted brands!


Learn More About Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing Systems

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VentSure® Soffit or InFlow™ Intake Ventilation Products

Help prevent heat and moisture buildup in the attic by allowing fresh air to enter the attic.


WeatherLock® Self-Sealing Ice & Water Barrier Products

Help protect vulnerable areas where water can do the most damage: eaves, valleys, dormers and skylights.


Owens Corning™ Starter Shingle Products

Help prevent damage from wind-driven rain by providing an additional layer of protection between the shingles and roof deck.


Owens Corning™ Underlayment Products

Enjoy clean lines and faster, easier installation by eliminating the need to cut shingle tabs.


Owens Corning™ Shingles

Choose from a variety of durable styles and colors that provide the first line of defense against the elements.


VentSure® Exhaust Ventilation Products

Help protect your roofing system by allowing heat and moisture to escape from the attic.


Owens Corning™ Hip & Ridge Shingles

Help protect the ridge vent and add an attractive, finished look to your entire roof.

Storm Damage?

If you've experienced storm damage to your home or business and are seeking answers, we can help. Let our experienced damage consultant stop by to conduct a FREE INSPECTION, and provide information about the scale of your damage, what insurance can cover, and how we can fix the damage to your home or business as quickly as possible.

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